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Homestead Living is a quarterly, digital publication offering the very best insights from the modern homesteading movement. This is a publication for homesteaders, written by homesteaders.


Melissa K. Norris

Pioneering Today

Joel Salatin

Polyface Farms

Carolyn Thomas

Homesteading Family

Jill McSheehy

The Beginner’s Garden

Dr. Patrick Jones

HomeGrown Herbalist

Laurie Neverman

Common Sense Home

Corina Ross

The Hopewell Homestead

Justin Rhodes

Abundance Plus

Michael Smith

Lake Joy Farmstead

Issue: 02 — Harvest & Preserve

Practical advice you can apply today seasoned with wisdom on how to build for the long haul.

  • From the Editor
    by Melissa K. Norris
  • Benefits
    by Joel Salatin
  • Planning for Pests in your Garden
    by Jill McSheehy
  • Uses for Whey in the Homestead Kitchen
    by Carolyn Thomas
  • Harvesting, Drying & Processing Herbs
    by Dr. Patrick Jones
  • Easy Old-Fashioned Ways to Preserve the Harvest
    by Melissa K. Norris
  • How to Decide — Freeze-Drying or Dehydration?
    by Laurie Neverman
  • Stain Removal Tips and Tricks from 1937
    by Corina Ross
  • Food Preservation on Four Legs
    by Justin Rhodes
  • Three Delicious Summertime Pizza Recipes
    by Michael Smith

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