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Homestead Living is a quarterly, digital homesteading magazine offering the very best insights from the modern homesteading movement. This is a publication for homesteaders, written by homesteaders.


Melissa K. Norris

Pioneering Today

Joel Salatin

Polyface Farms

Carolyn Thomas

Homesteading Family

Rachel Porter

Porter Valley Ranch

Angela Ferraro-Fanning

Axe And Root Homestead

Morgan Gold

Gold Shaw Farm

Carrie Wilson

The Little Pallet Farmhouse

Lindsay Hamby

Kaylee Richardson

The Honeystead

Kristen Davidson

Laird Woodland Farm

Inside the latest issueIssue 05: New Growth

Practical advice for today. Wisdom for the long haul.

  • Black Marketing
    by Joel Salatin
  • Understanding Heritage Sheep
    by Rachel Porter
  • Sustainable Food Forest Gardening
    by Angela Ferraro-Fanning
  • Geese: The Most Self-Sufficient Poultry
    by Morgan Gold
  • Becoming Whole: The Truth about your Diet
    by Carrie Wilson
  • A Dash of Love for the Urban Farms
    by Lindsay Hamby
  • One Beekeeper’s waste is another beekeeper’s treasure
    by Kaylee Richardson
  • Shifting with the Seasons
    by Kristen Davidson
  • Growing a Cottage Garden
    by Carolyn Thomas
  • Stock Your Pantry & Medicine Cabinet with these Spring Plants
    by Melissa K. Norris

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