The hope of this project is to create a space for current homesteaders to collaborate and for future homesteaders to dream. Homestead Living gathers together the resources from a community that has done the hard work of homesteading for a long time. 

The methods have been tested and proven over the years. The advice here comes from seasoned homesteaders. These lessons have been purchased with sweat and tears.

It’s easy to dream about the beauty, simplicity, and freedom of a self-sufficient future. But any homesteader with experience knows that the reality of our daily lives requires hard work and deep commitment. Burnout doesn’t only hit city folks.

We hope to inspire other people who dream of starting their own homestead. And starting in and of itself is very significant. We also hope to help people persevere through the inevitable hard seasons and painful lessons. As is true with almost everything, homesteading is best when shared.

One word that comes up often in conversations among homesteaders is preservation.

For some, homesteading is a way to preserve our world. Others homestead to preserve their health. Some to preserve the values of their family. For many people, homesteading has been a way to preserve their sanity.

What do you have that’s worth preserving? We hope that this resource will encourage you to take the next step towards preserving what is important to you.