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All four editions of Homestead Living from 2022 is now available in one beautifully printed 200+ page volume!

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2022 Annual Edition of Homestead Living magazine— now in PRINT!

We are excited to announce the first annual edition of Homestead Living magazine — in print! We have taken the first four releases of our digital magazine from 2022 and compiled them into one beautiful, high-quality print publication. 

There’s something special about being able to hold and touch what you’re reading. Whether you’re tossing your copy in your backpack before a camping trip or re-reading your favorite article with your morning coffee, this is a keepsake that you’ll have for a long time. With all the information packed into this annual edition, this is a keepsake you’ll be referencing this work over and over again. 

This heirloom quality print edition features:

  • Hundreds of pages of hard-won wisdom and trusted advice
  • Over 35 updated articles and stories 
  • Articles from trusted homesteaders like Joel Salatin, Carolyn Thomas, Melissa K. Norris, Lisa Bass, Anne Briggs, and many more!
  • Beautiful images and elegant design 

Celebrate the homesteading community and the values of self-sufficiency and resilience. Build a better future for you and your family. Start living a healthy, more sustainable lifestyle today.

  • Practical tips for a wide range of homesteading topics
  • Information for living a healthy, self-sufficient lifestyle
  • There’s something for everyone — from beginners to seasoned homesteaders
  • Inspirational stories from homesteaders across the country
  • Focuses on organic, sustainable practices for growing produce and raising animals
  • Featuring many recipes using fresh, homegrown ingredients
  • DIY projects you can get started on today
  • Expert advice from experienced homesteaders

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