Everything Worth Preserving (eBook)


Preserve food for a healthy, well-stocked pantry & peace of mind. Discover the 9 home food preservation methods to safely store delicious food for year-round eating with Melissa’s step-by-step tutorials, recipes, and easy-to-use charts. Get ready to learn everything you need to know about cold storage (aka freezer), water bath/steam canning, pressure canning, dehydrating, fermenting, freeze-drying, root cellar, infusion, and salt/curing!

eBook is in the epub file format.

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Popular podcast host and 5th generation homesteader Melissa K. Norris shares how to preserve fruits, vegetables, and meats for year-round eating with over 80 delicious recipes. From A to Z you’ll learn which methods can be used for each food, and important safety techniques. You’ll get expert tips, detailed instructions, and easy-to-use recipes to preserve your food.

What’s in the Book?

  • Over 80 delicious recipes
  • 50+ charts, methods, and instructions for preserving  36 types of fruit
  • 50+ charts, methods, and instructions for preserving 34 types of vegetables
  • 15+ charts, methods, and instructions for preserving over 15 different types of meat — everything from beef to poultry and fish.
  • Low and no sugar fruits, jams, and jellies (including no store-bought pectin recipes)
  • Easy grab-and-go meals in a jar
  • Crisp pickles no matter which preservation method you pick (including canned pickles with crunch!)
  • Easy to read charts on how many pounds per jar, fermented brine solutions for each vegetable, how long to blanch (or if you need to), and MORE.
  • Root cellar techniques WITHOUT a garage, basement, or root cellar.
  • Discover how to put your freezer to work and how many cubic feet you need for bulk meat purchases.